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Sales Management - Empowering People

This course is ideal for:

If you have the respect of your sales team, you will be rewarded with results. This course will teach you how to keep a team onboard, motivate them and get them to respect you. Without the respect you won't see the benefits. You will learn methodologies to be respected and lead from the front.

"A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team!"

My team like me - What can I learn?

Being liked and respected are two very different things in business. If you want to be a leader you must lead your team together. There will always be challenges but it's how you deal with them that will make the difference. We all communicate differently to different people to get the desired result, this needs to be the same ethos for a sales team. One person will always interpret a message different to the next person.

"Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right thing!"

Key outcomes from this course;

If you have the respect of others, great things can be achieved. If you don't . . . It's like pushing water uphill. The same message doesn't work for everyone, so learn how to adapt for each individual.

  • Understanding people
  • Adapting your message
  • Become a leader
  • How to motivate people
  • Tackling different personalities
  • How to deliver KPI's and time management to your team effectively
  • Empowering people
  • How to impliment change and quickly, the right way
  • How to earn respect
"Management is nothing more than motivating people!"

Training Approach;

We aim to cover any current issues with the management team prior to starting the course. After we've built a good understanding of the team, we will cover the scenarios and possible outcomes of change. Empowering people is always a challenge but we will teach you how this can be achieved with all your sales team. This is a one day course and is very hands on with live demonstrations and examples.

You will be shown how to deal with different personalities and how to tailor your message to get the right outcome. We will also cover different options to address a sales team and to how get the very best from them.

We also offer off-site training in London, Reading, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds.

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