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Call Out Day - On The Phones

This course is ideal for:

Companies that want plenty more sales leads and want to hear a sales team in full flow . . . Nobody does New Business as good as us! We will work with your team to create noise, energy, sales leads and motivate the team in how to win! "If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got!""

Why should I book this session?

Do you have a sales team that's under performing? 

Is your sales floor like a library? 

Do you want to inject some life into your sales team with positive energy and results?

We will come in and transform your team in a day with energy, positivity and a new way of thinking. You will be rewarded as a company with sales results, such as leads, appointments and also a team with a more positive outlook. towards new business

 "We rise by lifting others!"

Key outcomes from this call out session

Our specialist trainer will coach and show you the art of being an exemplary new business hunter with their unique selling skills. By the end of the session, your team will get the following;

  • Transformed in their new business approach
  • Understand how to get to the right people
  • Book more appointments
  • Understand how to create the "F" shape email that has a HUGE success rate
  • Open up more sales opportunities and have a point of action moving forward
  • Motivated and postive in their new sales approach
  • More polished in their "elevator pitch"
  • How to open up a conversation with the right questions
  • How to stand out and not be "another sales call"
  • Be personal

Training Style

Our course is delivered over 1 day on our clients site. We want to keep you in the surroundings you're comfortable in and inject results. GUARANTEED

Our sales trainer will be part of the calling session and will actively be calling out for new business. We practise what we preach and lead by example.

We bring lots of energy, enthusiasm and core selling skills to motivate your team and generate results. We have experience in multiple industries, so we know how to sell. We will make the training fun and very rewarding. Our trainer has a very successful sales background, so we have the life experience to develop you and make things happen instantly. We lead by example and our testimonials prove that.

We also offer off-site training in London, Reading, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds.

"Change is difficult, not changing is fatal!"

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