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Account Management - Know Your Clients and Maximise Your Potential.

This course is ideal for:

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to know how to develop their clients effectively. Company revenues can increase by 28% on average, just by maximising the accounts already trading. If you can up-sell to your existing clients, just think about the possibilities.

Why should I attend the account management course?

Adding 28% onto your company revenues should appeal to anyone and this can be done by maximising the accounts you already have.

Building relationships with your clients is essential to keeping them. Not only this, but it mitigates any competition. In today’s business world, competition is constant. We will teach you how to be keep your clients and how to fully understand the potential revenues you can obtain by maximising opportunities.

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all!"

Key outcomes from our account management course

Our specialist trainers will coach and show you the art of being an exemplary account manager. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Sell-Up in your accounts
  • Account Map
  • Understand the buying cycle of a business
  • Who the key people are in the sales cycle
  • How to bond with your accounts and mitigate competition
  • The art of uncovering potential projects
  • How to adapt to ever changing markets within your accounts
  • Know what accounts will grow with you and which ones won’t
  • How to engage with the core people of the business
  • How to stand out and be invaluable
  • Create a business model that allows you to grow with your accounts
  • Be the first point of contact for all projects, even ones that are unknown to your business
  • Keep client retention very high and maximise the revenues
  • How to get referred by your accounts to potential prospects

Training approach

Our course is delivered over 2 days on our clients site. We want to keep you in the surroundings you're comfortable in.

Time is money and knowing where to apply your time is essential in growing your business. You will leave this course with the motivation, knowledge and skills to further develop your accounts and become a key element in their growth. We will further support you remotely on any queries after this course.

“Knowledge is power”

We bring lots of energy, enthusiasm and core selling skills to set you apart from the competition. We have experience in multiple industries, so we know how to sell. Selling comes with highs and lows and we'll guide you on how to deal with both. We will make the training fun and very rewarding. All our trainers have a very successful sales background, so we have the life experience to develop you.

We also offer off-site training in London, Reading, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds.

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