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Myles Reid

New Business Manager

Oliver is Such an amazing guy and very easy to talk to / get along with. He has taught me so much over these past couple of weeks after starting my new apprenticeship. Even when having a normal conversation Oliver is so inspirational. I have learnt things such as; body language, selling techniques, networking, building relationships, new business development and self-confidence. Oliver is one in a billion and not only has he taught me skills i never knew i had, he will always be part of my career moving forward. I can never thank you enough...

Myles was trained by Oliver
October 14, 2016


Cloud Solution Specialist

After having the honour of receiving one-to-one training from the highly experienced Oliver, I'd like to do what I can to make sure that his expertise doesn’t go un-noticed. Upon meeting Oliver for the first time, I was instantly hooked as a result of his talent, and passion for his field of work. Never have I been given the same amount of confidence and belief that Oliver has given me to excel in the working world. He's an extremely relatable character for me personally, and as a result of his teachings & mentoring... My success will solely be down to him.

MATTE Banks was trained by Oliver
October 12, 2017

Zaishaan Hussain

IT Infrastructure Specialist

I've known Oliver since Jan 2016, He is fully supportive, and always encouraging me to get the best out of myself. I would definitely recommend Oliver at Turnkey Training due to his personal approach and easy-going nature, despite him training me, I can say he is also my friend as well. His methods are out of the box, and always challenging. With his training, I am now being able, to speak and use different methods of developing business. I would definitely recommend Oliver in a heartbeat.

Zaishaan was trained by Oliver
May 31, 2017

Dave Manners

CEO, Sumillion Limited

Oliver is a very unique man. Someone who actually loves cold calling and winning new business. Never afraid to think outside the box and challenge convention. A natural leader with great confidence and motivational skills. A highly skilled, intelligent Account Director who always put his customers first and provided the absolute highest level of service. Oliver inspires everyone he meets with his work ethic and abilities. A true leader in his field!

Oliver worked with Dave Manners
January 3, 2017

Daren Cuthbert

Enterprise Finance Account Manager

Ollie is without doubt the best new business sales person I have worked with in many years. He has a great manner and customers warm to him instantly. He sets himself high targets and is an achiever so works exceptionally hard to meet his goals. I would certainly recommend Ollie to any company wishing to grow their business.

Oliver worked with Daren
28 March, 2016

Craig Robinson

PHD Candidate, School of Social Sciences

Oliver and I were in the same team together and acted as a backup account manager for each other’s accounts back in 2005 - 2006. He was a natural communicator whose ability to quickly form and build working relationships with key individuals via cold calling led to some high-profile relationships for Vohkus which led to some lucrative contracts being won. Not only did he smash his targets but he was a thoroughly great guy to work with as well.

Oliver worked with Craig Robinson
November 4, 2016

Andrew Newton

Solutions Architect at Logicalis

I would highly recommend Oliver as one of the best new business sales person I have worked with in many years. He is easy to get on with and always earned the respect of the customers. He is hard working and keen to deliver a quality solution and service to every person he deals with. If you want a good new business sales person ...Oliver is your man!

Oliver worked with Andrew
December 3, 2016

Mark Greenway

Business Development Manager

Oliver is a true professional and all I can say is he has a very dedicated and extremely positive attitude to providing the very best service. Our company has benefited from the services he has introduced us to and since our involvement with him we have gained some brilliant and exciting new products and services. I would recommend Oliver without hesitation. Great personality and a an extremely talented guy.

Oliver worked with Mark Greenway
May 12, 2017

Pankaj Vekria MBA

Managing Director LAN 2 LAN Ltd

Selecting Oliver for our sales team is one of the cleverest decisions we have made. The thoroughness and in-depth analysis of the sales team and the planning for change towards results has all been realised due to Oliver. Oliver is a gentleman and he takes time to understand core issues and how to resolve them

Oliver worked with Pankaj
June 13, 2016

Dean Ratcliff

Life Insurance Advisor at Smart Money Online

I have been in sales 3 years now and Oliver is by far the best salesman i have come across. Oliver taught me new ways of selling and i can honestly say that his ethos of "people buy from people" couldn't be truer. I learnt new skills for how to present in meetings and stand out, to being able to open doors where i thought i never would. I had the pleasure of Oliver training me for 5 months during this time my earnings doubled, my confidence grew and it was all down to Oliver.I personally found Oliver Inspirational, His personality is what sets him levels above from others, no task is to big or small he is always willing to help which is hard to find in this day and age. Oliver has helped me inside of work and motivated me outside of the office. A true people person and a unique character. I owe a lot to Oliver and if you are keen to learn how to sell and feel motivated he is 100% your man.

Dean was trained by Oliver
April 25, 2018

Anna Katalin Varga

Business Development Manager

As a business apprentice, I attended Oliver's sales training what I found very organised, informative, thought provoking and fun. Oliver has a very positive and dynamic approach which brings the best out of you and will leave you empowered and ready for all challenges. Oliver provided me excellent support and professional advice anytime I needed. He's one of those rare people who won't stop supporting you after the training but you can call him up anytime for advice as he truly loves helping for all type of people. Therefore I would highly recommend Oliver's training to anyone who wished to enhance development of the individual as well as moving their business towards a real success.

Anna Katalin was trained by Oliver
October 12, 2016

Jackie Benn

Senior Business Development Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting Oliver last year when he jworked with our sales team. Oliver has a powerful and positive presence, great out of the box thinking, and a pleasure to work with. I have learned a lot from him during our working time about strategy and planning (and magic !), and have not only enjoyed his time professionally, but have added him firmly to my group of close friends.

Jackie was trained by Oliver
September 22, 2017

Shirish Patel

CFO LAN 2 LAN Limited

We have now worked with Oliver for 6+ months and the results are already showing with our Juniors sales team. He literally is a magician . The energy that he brings with him is transferred to the sales team. No hesitation in recommending his services. Value for money too.

Oliver trained LAN 2 LAN
August 12, 2016

Trung Tang

Business Development Manager

Oliver was brought into LAN2LAN to help the graduate sales team develop and better themselves within the IT industry. Oliver delived so much enthusiasm and wisdom which instantly rubs off on you. No White Papers, No Sit & Listen, just "Lead by Example!" Oliver is not your average Sales person who come in one day and that's his job done, they were there every step of the way so you succeed . . . and believe me with Oliver there, you will!

Oliver trained Trung Tang
June 1, 2015

Peter Gwilt

Business Development Manager

I have worked with Oliver on several occasions and the way he does things and the way he carries himself is what really separates him from the rest of the crowd. A different approach to training which is dynamic, different and above all else, fun! I can’t speak highly of him.

Oliver trained Peter Gwilt
May 22, 2015

Jake Machay

Inside Sales Manager

Oliver was bought into LAN2LAN to help train myself and my colleagues whom are new to the IT industry. He instantly bought in new ways of thinking and ways of connecting and growing my network which will be invaluable to becoming successful in the IT industry.

Oliver trained Jake Machay
May 15, 2015

Jay Singh

Major Account Manager

Having known Oliver for approx 10 years now and I have to say he is by far one of the best and unique sales personnel I have ever come across. His personality just speaks for itself, such a happy, bubbly and full of energy individual, completely results driven end to end! His ability to close deals / win new business & win new clients is profound, always on top of his game and will always go that extra mile. His leadership & motivational skills are truly an asset to any organization that he may work with. Oliver is one of the most engaging, professional and personable people and it was an absolute pleasure working with him in the past.

Oliver worked with jay Singh
April 22, 2015

Kate Stancer

IT Account Manager

Oliver is fantastic at finding new business and creating new opportunities, through his cold calling skills, which are excellent. He is a real "people person" with the talent of being able to make people laugh. A true charmer. Which is most definitely an asset for a sales person and for continued success in business development.

Oliver worked with Kate Stancer
January 7, 2017

Larry Rach

Managing Director, Twin Technology

Oliver, is always available and eager to provide solutions to solve IT problems we present to him, his understanding of his products and his portfolio sets him above his competitors and has worked with us for a number of years, jointly delivering solutions and implementing successful projects.

Oliver worked with Larry as a contractor
January 5, 2015

Steve Clifford

IT Manager

I was introduced to Oliver to support us in replacing our wireless network along with a reseller, we had many questions, concerns but by working with Oliver he supported as at every stage, being in constant contact making sure we were happy, answering any questions we have. By having this relationship, we know we will be support moving one when our new wireless solution is installed and I look forward to working with Oliver in helping us achieve our vision.

Steve was Oliver's client
June 24, 2014

Ailsa McConachie

Sales Executive

I have recently worked with Oliver on a project and have found him to be a great asset to the sales process. He is always happy to help and offer any extra services that may be required to ensure that the solution sold is the solution required. He is a pleasure to work with, his enthusiasm, great sense of humour and self-motivation are an example to us all!

Oliver worked with Ailsa
June 18, 2017

Chris Palmer

Sales Manager UK & EMEA

I have worked with Oliver on a few projects, I found Oliver professional, hard working and a good rounded individual, I would recommend Oliver to anyone who required a new and fresh approach to telemarketing.

Oliver worked with Chris on telemarketing
May 12, 2017

Alex Smith

Account Director, Softcat

Ollie is fantastic at breaking in to new businesses and creating new opportunities, through his cold calling skills which are second to none. A highly driven and professional trainer who has assisted in securing meetings with high profile worldwide organisations. Highly recommended.

Oliver worked with Alex
December 19, 2017

Reagan Wood

Global Account Manager

Oliver is a true sales professional; his confidence and unique approach always insures success. Having worked with Oliver I can honestly recommend him as an asset to any organisation.

Oliver worked with Reagan Wood
December 17, 2017

David Tweedale

Account Director

I'd recommend Oliver unreservedly. I have found Oliver to be an excellent account/business development manager and have also benefited from his support and advice in the early stages of my career in sales.

Oliver worked with David
December 10, 2017