My Story

It all started 36ft in the air, well actually 36ft high up on a roof on June 30th, 2002.

I was 21 years old coming back from a night out in Southampton with friends when my life changed forever...

3 Months Later

I woke up from my coma in Southampton general hospital on September 30th, 2002. I’d fallen 36ft from a roof directly onto my head hitting the concrete below.

I suffered 3 blood clots on the brain, a tracheotomy, 5% chance of living, I had to learn to walk, talk and re-train my memory again. I nearly lost my voice and also my vision, but luckily, I had pulled through. I've had a further 8 operations on my throat to increase my airway over the last 10 years.

I spent a further 2 years convalescing and battling through further respiratory collapse in hospital, the chance of losing my right eye, memory loss and trying to get my life back on track. when you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up.

16 years on and my “ethos” in life is very much live for the moment and take your opportunities whilst you can.

"Never, never, never give up!"

Sales Career

In 2004 I fell into my sales carer in the IT industry. I applied for a telesales role, a role I had no experience in, nor ever wanted to really do. The thought of speaking to strangers on the telephone used to scare the life out of me. I rocked up for my interview dressed like something out of “Saturday Night Fever” I even had a pair of white shoes on! I started on £10,500 a year plus commission. In year one my P60 showed £37,480, year two £46,226 and year three was £60,087.

I took the natural progression in moving to the corporate side of IT following a three-year successful career by moving to a new company. My base salary started at £22,500 so I more than doubled from my previous company. Year one my P60 showed £39,443, year two £80,911, year three £236,401 and year four £307,497.

Reality Hit

From living a life of fast cars, bikes and property investments I lost everything! I looked after two specific FTSE100 accounts that stopped using the company I worked for, due to the economical climate and organisational structure. Reality really hits hard when you go from one end of the spectrum to the other. 

What Next? 

I soon realised all the mistakes I had made and also a very true saying...

“Nothing lasts forever!”

Life is one long learning curve that forever teaches us new things. We’ve all had something we’ve lost in life, not necessarily financially. The important lesson I learnt very quickly was to take the positives out the negatives!

Two Years Later...

I felt so ashamed and angry at myself for losing everything and after feeling sorry for myself for over a year I decided to pick myself up and do it all again but this time even BETTER!

 I learnt from my mistakes and applied myself again.

“Don’t live in the past, learn from it and move on!”  

IT Career to Training/Life Coaching

After spending so much time working with hundreds of different sales people I felt I could really give something back. I wanted to teach people and I found that no amount of money gave me the satisfaction of helping people reach their full potential.

So here we are today... Turnkey Training.

“Dream big, achieve BIGGER!”

Life is very much like an egg timer, when you’re born it starts . . . Who knows when your time is up! Make the most of the time you have and the opportunities are endless. Never live a life with regrets, time waits for nobody!

Sales Attributes 

  • Mentoring & Sales Training
  • Million Pound+ negotiations and sales
  • Key Client Retention (87%)
  • Solution Selling Strategies
  • Territory Growth/Development
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Team Building/Graduate Training
  • High-Impact Sales & Presentations
  • Growing New Business
  • Motivational Speaking/Public Speaking
  • Sales management
  • Sales Training
  • Building Sales Teams, Inc Apprentices

Selected Achievements:

  • Best “new-comer” to the business
  • Record 24K GP (72k revenue) second month in new career (all new business)
  • Opened most new accounts in a calendar year out of 48 sales people
  • Record 364k GP (over 1 million in revenue) in the first year for ANY new Account Manager.
  • I hold the highest Profit % overall, for all deals accumulated
  • Various Account Manager of the month awards
  • A total of five sales bonus awards (£1000 each one)
  • Set up and designed my own marketing campaign for the company.
  • Record 13K GP first month (all new business)
  • Fastest deal won from start of employment (2 weeks)
  • Most accounts closed in the business (month on month)
  • Overall highest margin retention out of 48 sales people
  • Most successful account manager in the business (3 different companies)
  • Best forecasting and account profiling
  • “Salesman of the month” award x 14
  • Implemented cost savings for the Business (supplier chain)
  • Promotion within 6 months to Sales Manager
  • Looked after a business unit of five personnel then grew to 76
  • I looked after a HP mid-market campaign and had targets of 500K per quarter.
  • I generated the most new business accounts within the company, which was 6 per month(average)
  • Instrumental in complete turnaround of under-performing sales for a business; set higher expectations and instituted individual accountability resulting in 5% revenue increase over three years for the business.
  • Met or exceeded all quotas throughout tenure, averaging more than £1,000,000 in annual sales in the UK and earning multiple company rewards in recognition of performance.
  • Consistently developed strong, sustainable relationships with VAR partners and executive decision makers of FTSE 100 client companies.
  • Completed and secured the First SPS contract in the company worth over 86K in Revenue over a period of 48 Months.
  • Held the biggest deal, which secured the most profit within the company.
  • I personally dealt with the most accounts in the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 in the company. I have completed SLA contracts with some of the companies in this sector.
  • Bought on the most new accounts within the business and maintained strong relationships whilst developing opportunities.
  • Worked closely with Microsoft to develop my accounts and complete Select and MOLP License Agreements.
  • Consistently worked my way to becoming No.1 in company sales for 5 consecutive years at both companies. I stayed in the top 5 throughout my career in Sales.
  • Impacted business partner revenue through continual communications and liaison efforts with both franchisees and I.T Consultants.
  • Opened the most new accounts in a calendar year.
  • Promoted to look after the biggest accounts within the company
  • Best newcomer to the business
  • Year on year growth, of revenue and GP for 6 consecutive years.