Why look at the apprenticeship model?

Over 580,000 businesses took on apprentices in the workplace in 2017. That's a 27% increase from the year before.

Apprentices will help a company to impliment new business skills, lower staff turnover and increase sales pipelines.

If your company is already contributing into the goverement apprenticeship levy, this is the best option to explore.

How does it work?

Turnkey Training work as an overlay training provider to your apprentices. We are happy to help you recruit the right candidates, or work with them once you've implimented them into the business.

The apprentice will work towards their chosen modules and we will deliver the sales element on top. We have trained over 178 apprentices. Please look at our testimonials they should give you confidence in chosing Turnkey Training.

Important things to remember

Mentoring and training is an art, you can't just deliver this solution out of a box. All of the apprentices we train are also friends. We are very personal and we make sure we are in contact with the apprentices beyond 9-5. We act as their life coach and also their mentor.

                           "With respect comes great things!"

The main error within a business is the aftercare given to the apprentices. This is why Turnkey Training are different. We have built the success on experience. Treat those how you want to be treated and the results are endless.

RECRUITMENT - We will source, interview & give recommendations of candidates

SALES MENTORING - Mentoring of apprentices for 6 months

SALES - BACK TO BASICS - As listed on the website


STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITON - As listed on the website

CALL OUT DAY - ON THE PHONES - As listed on the website

SUPPORT - We support the apprentices and your business through the whole process.

GUARANTEE - We guarantee the employment of each apprentice for a minimum of 6 months.

ON-SITE 3 DAYS A WEEK - We work on site 3 days per week with the apprentices.

VIRTUAL SALES MANGER - We will work with the apprentices remotely for the days we're not on site.

REPORTING - We prefer to use a CRM. This can be a free one.